Grave clothes

Easter Vigil – Rev’d Karen Egan, Director of Pastoral Studies, Montreal Theological College


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    Philip says:

    Thank you for this inspiring sermon. I will soon be leaving Japan after 20 years here and moving back to Montreal. I will have to get rid of a lot of clothes and more sadly than that a lot of my wife’s clothes. (She died around one year ago.)
    Because of greed and other corruptions of the mind one tends to want to hold onto material things but it’s not possible. And because of ignorance we are not able to see the way we hold onto spiritual or emotional burdens and defilements of the mind. Thanks to God we are able to not only see but also let go of such things and rise into new life. There will be putting on again of the grave clothes we thought we had left behind, it will happen again and again ( at least it does with me.) But Christ is risen and always ready to welcome us back into His refuge and strength and new and lasting life.
    I also appreciated your words about the importance of community; I am looking forward to having community and encouragement at Christ Church Cathedral when I move to Montreal. Thank you and thanks be to God.

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