Get Involved

The music programme at Christ Church Cathedral doesn't just exist for its current community - it exists to serve and provide opportunities to the wider Montreal and area musical world.

The core of our music programme focusses on the Cathedral Choir. The choir follows a rigorous schedule, rehearsing every Thursday during choir session (September to June) from 7-9pm. The choir provides musical support regularly for the 10:30am Sung Eucharist and 4pm Choral Evensong services, with rehearsals before each of these. In an average week this represents a time commitment of around 8 hours, and singers are expected to ensure that they learn music in their own time if necessary. There are increased commitments in the approach to Easter and Christmas, and in a typical year the choir will perform around 400-500 pieces of music. Although we hope that prospective members will be able to commit to the full choir schedule, we are willing to consider individual circumstances and have several existing members who commit to a reduced schedule, so please get in touch if you would still like to find out more.

Prospective singers should be capable of holding a line independently, have high degree of musical literacy, and the ability to sing at sight is a significant advantage. Although membership of the choir is demanding, the rewards are great, including being able to work on a weekly basis with a group of dedicated and talented musicians, performing music from the entire span of Christian history, including substantial works from the last century, as well as enjoying the wider social and community life that comes from belonging to a group of this nature. You do not need to be a practising Christian to join the choir, but we do hope that any prospective members will be sympathetic to the overall mission of the Cathedral and the wider Anglican Church. For more information about joining the choir or to arrange an audition, contact the Director of Music.

In addition to the Cathedral Choir, the Music Department supports a variety of additional ministries and musical opportunities in a less formal setting. These include leading the music at our 9:00am Francophone service and 6pm Contemporary Eucharist, and we also run a number of workshops and outreach initiatives throughout the year which are aimed at the wider musical community. You can find out more about these on our Outreach page.