Whether you call Montreal home for good or home for now, you are welcome to join us!

Christ Church Cathedral has a lively community of young adults who are involved in every aspect of our life together. They serve on committees and councils, in worship services, and in ministries of education, hospitality and outreach.

Valuable as this intergenerational community is, sometimes it is good to gather with "your" people:

Bible Study and Supper
for Students and Young Adults

Hungry Minds (run by Chapelle Ste. Marthe) is a very open-ended Bible study in which the conversation often begins with scripture readings but ends up in many strange and wonderful places.  Questions, doubts, inexplicable experiences, hopes, and dreams all have their place in the conversation.  Dinner and more conversation follows.

The Cathedral Young Adults offers periodic get-togethers for artistic and crafting opportunities, visits to holy sites of interest, and conversation. Some of these offerings are for young adults/young professionals only; others are intergenerational. For more information or to make an appointment for pastoral care, contact the Rev'd Deborah Meister.