Faith is too often treated either as a matter of public morality or as an entirely private matter.  The Cathedral’s ministry of public theology seeks to offer an alternative point of view.

  • Our faith has something  important to contribute to our thinking about questions of public importance
  • The Church needs to find a way to be in respectful conversation with the broader community about such questions
  • People are actually interested in the riches of Christian scholarship, both historical and contemporary

A wide range of events and activities are offered throughout the year, responding to the concerns of our congregation as well as current events.

Upcoming Events – What Shall We Say to War?

Join us for for this four-part series as we work towards understanding our own responses to the ethical and theological challenges posed by the tragic reality of war in our world.

April 29 – When Christians Say Yes to War: Dr Marc Lalonde, Department of Religion, Concordia University.
Listen to Dr. Lalonde’s presentation here.

May 6When Christians Say No to War: Dr Vern Neufeld Redekop: The School of Conflict Studies, St Paul University
May 20Panel: Diverse Voices Respond to War
May 27Workshop: What Shall We Say to War?

Past Public Theology Events


Screening My Prairie Home, the award-winning documentary about Rae Spoon, a Canadian transgender indie musician

Marching in La Marche mondiale pour le climat and hosting a guided discussion on Climate Change and Christian Faith, with a climatologist and a theologian

climate change march






Coordinating a lecture series on issues of on-going injustice, including the treatment of First Nations peoples, refugees, and women and girls.

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