On the last Sunday of every month, the Cathedral provides a hot and delicious lunch for roughly 125 people who might need a bit of help at the end of the month.  They enjoy the meal "family style", with volunteers serving as hosts at each table while other volunteers run the kitchen, pour the coffee, and clear the dishes. It is an opportunity not only to meet a basic need but to encounter other people while sharing a meal together.

The Social Service Society, based at the Cathedral, organized the Last Sunday of the Month Lunch for over 20 years, before ceasing its operations in the summer of 2022. The Cathedral is carrying on this commitment.

The cost of the lunches is covered through the donations of generous individuals and organizations.

If you would like to make a donation, please contact Adrian King-Edwards using the form below.

Volunteers to help 

The Last Sunday Lunch moved back into Fulford Hall on September 25, 2022. Now that we are able once again to offer our sit-down meal, we need approximately 25 volunteers to show up at 11:30 Sunday morning (finishing by 1 pm) to run the food to the tables, or to sit at a table serving the food.

Other smaller jobs you might consider are helping set up the tables in Fulford Hall at 8 am, helping in the kitchen and washing the dishes in the dishwasher.

As an inducement, all volunteers will have a chance to sample Peggy’s homemade cookies!

If you would like be added to Adrian's list of volunteers, please contact him using the form below.

From 'Covid' take-out sandwiches

To our sit-down meal in Fulford Hall

Contact Adrian King-Edwards
We welcome your support of the Last Sunday of the Month Lunch, by volunteering, and/or by making a donation!