Due to the fact that children under 5 years of age cannot yet be vaccinated, we have suspended our children's Sunday School. Many families with children are simply bringing their children to worship with them. Younger children have been sitting with their parents. Older children are encouraged to train to be acolytes or servers and help to lead our worship by carrying the cross or torches. You can support your children in worship by helping them to follow along in the bulletins, stand and sit with the congregation, and sing the hymns.

We are carefully planning how to re-integrate in-person children's programming in the future.



Diocesan Outdoor Family Day

We have learned so much about ourselves in these past two years. We have both struggled and evolved… We have also come to understand that children have particular needs and how it is vital for them to have face to face, real time engagement in order to play, learn and grow meaningfully. Virtual platforms do not meet all of their unique developmental needs.

Church programs, Sunday Schools and youth groups have all struggled with membership during this time. Parents have expressed frustration. Children need to connect!

Well, it’s time to return! The Diocese of Montreal is inviting children and families to be a part of a Community Family Day, to celebrate the tenacity of the human spirit and the return to our programs: To find our way back to each other!

Parents, children and grandparents alike, you are all welcome to join in on the fun!

Come to meet friends and re-establish the joy of community and human connection!”

What to expect:

The event is free but you must register by May 28th to receive lunch and sign up for on site activities. Donations to the Mile End Mission will be accepted on site.

Click here to watch the promo video on YouTube (in English), and be sure to join the Family Day Facebook event!