The Financial Health of the Cathedral

It costs over $2,500 a day to continue our Cathedral ministries of pastoral care, social outreach, social justice, hospitality, worship and music in a heritage building.

We have four different income streams.

Identified income represents the annual pledges and donations given by the members of the congregation.

Unidentified income comes to us from visitors to the Cathedral paying for a prayer candle, dropping a donation into our maintenance box, or putting money in the collection plate during a service. 

The Cathedral is blessed with income from Investments, which grew and grows from the contributions of parishioners past and present.

Our Rental income is the result of the "development" of the office tower and mall in the 1980s.

Cathedral Income

Identified Givers
Unidentified Givers

The work of a Cathedral

Our expenses can be divided into four different areas.

Beyond Ourselves - this part of the budget is for outreach and included our contribution to the work of the Diocese and the National Church.

Open Cathedral - this portion is spent on keeping the Cathedral open seven days a week and keeping the building in good repair.

The Cathedral's Worship life: services, music and education, all to the glory of God.

Parish Support - our office support staff and the overhead expenses of the mother church of the Diocese.

Cathedral Expenses

Outreach Beyond Ourselves
Open Cathedral
Parish Support

Our Commitment to the Cathedral

Pledges for 2023 are up from 2022 - our target is $133,000