O God, who brought us to birth, and in whose arms we die, in our grief and shock contain and comfort us; embrace us with your love, and give us hope in our confusion and grace to let go into new life: this we ask through Jesus Christ. Amen


The Cathedral clergy and pastoral team are available for you at your time of loss and sorrow, or to help you remember a loved one for an anniversary of their death. It is a privilege to pray with and for you and share our Christian faith and hope of new life with God.

The Cathedral clergy are always available to conduct a funeral service or a memorial service, either immediately following a private funeral service or shortly afterwards. Here at the Cathedral the Anglican Funeral Service is used, which can be with or without Holy Communion, as is appropriate for you and your family.

A priest will meet with you to discuss and choose readings, hymns, music, and prayers and to guide you through the service so that we can, together, best reflect and celebrate the life of the person who has died, pray for them, and offer comfort and hope to all who mourn.

Prayer and support

Every day at the Cathedral services prayers are said for the bereaved and the departed. You are welcome to add your departed loved one’s name by telephoning the Cathedral Office. Many people find it helpful to come to church around the time of a loss, even if they are not regular church goers. You are most welcome to any of the Cathedral services.