Cathedral Forum is the parish sounding board where information is given and ideas are shared.

Forum meets regularly during the year to discuss any and all things that affect the life of the Cathedral community.The different committees report back to Forum where people discuss everything from small changes in the liturgy to major fundraising and structural alterations. All members of the Cathedral community can attend Forum and are welcome both to speak and to vote. Some members are also elected for a three-year term to have a special responsibility to attend meetings and to represent the congregation.

Cathedral Forum generally meets once a month (except over the summer) on the third Tuesday of each month in St Anselm’s Chapel (behind Fulford Hall on the 2nd Floor of Cathedral Place, 1444 Av. Union)  Light refreshments are served (wine and cheese) at 6 pm; the meeting begins at 6:30. ***During covid Forum meeting on zoom at 5pm.***

The by-laws of Cathedral Forum are here.


You are very welcome to come along.