The rush of the week can make it difficult to connect with God and with our own hearts.

The Cathedral is open every day for you to sit in the quiet, to pray, to light a candle, or to leave prayer requests.

Monday through Friday - 9 am to 5 pm

We gather throughout the week to pray in community. You are welcome to join us.

Start your day with a simple 20-minute said service of psalms, Bible readings and prayers. 

This service is  available online via Zoom on Mondays.

2020-06 Morning Prayer bulletin

Holy Communion is celebrated in the middle of the day. This simple 30-minute said service fits into a lunch break and provides a moment of calm in the midst of the day.

Mid-day communion is offered on Wednesdays and Fridays.

Please consult the Calendar for more information.

End your day with a service of psalms, Bible readings, silence and prayers. This service lasts about 30 minutes.

Evening prayers are offered in French, on Tuesdays via Zoom.

2020 Evening Prayer Lent Booklet