Vivian Lewin

Vivian is a licensed Lay Reader as well as an accredited and licensed spiritual director in the Diocese of Montreal. She is available to help members of the parish seeking this kind of support in their spiritual journeys to find accompaniment. She is a member of Episkopé.

Vivian was born and raised in the Bible Belt of Pennsylvania by free-thinking parents with Presbyterian, Lutheran, Jewish, and Unitarian connections. Her first love, English literature, led her to an honours degree at Oberlin College. After reading Charles Williams’ All Hallows Eve in 1969 she demanded to be baptized. She came to Montreal in 1971 with her then husband, and they began worshipping at the Cathedral, where she was confirmed.

She taught quilting at the Visual Arts Centre, worked as a writer and editor in the non-profit sector, and studied creative writing mid-career, earning her MFA at the University of Florida. Beginning in 2001 she trained as a spiritual director at the Ignatian Spirituality Centre of Montreal. Vivian is a member of the Chancel Guild and volunteers with the Healing Pathway, a parish-based ministry in the United Church.