The Rev’d Dr. Donald Boisvert

Donald was born in the U.S. of French Canadian parents, but has lived in Canada since the late ’60s.

In his youth, he spent several years studying for the Roman Catholic priesthood. Much later, Donald turned to the Anglican church as a way of living out his faith with integrity as a Christian gay man.  At that time, the call to ordained ministry which had been with him since his childhood returned afresh. He served at the Cathedral beginning in 2012; after retiring in later 2017, he is now an Honorary Associate.

Donald has a doctorate in Religious Studies from the University of Ottawa (1990). He taught full-time at Concordia University, where he was also chair of the Department of Religion. He spent several years in university administration before becoming an academic.  His areas of teaching and research are the history of Christianity (particularly the cult of saints) and the intersections of religion, gender, and sexuality.  He has published a number of books and articles. He is also a former Principal of the Montreal Diocesan Theological College.

Donald is married to his long-time partner, Gaston.