The decision to close Christ Church Cathedral

The Dean and Wardens of the Cathedral made the hard decision to close the Cathedral building at the end of the day, Wednesday, March 18th.

We felt this was necessary to avoid endangering our vergers and we could not guarantee a risk-free space for members of the public.

Read the update to the Cathedral's response to COVID-19

 Online Sunday services are online, using Zoom. See below for more information.


Cathedral Connections

Join us on the Cathedral Facebook page. Keep in touch, let us know how you are doing.

Every weekday at 12:15, on our Facebook page, mid-day prayers will be said from inside the Cathedral.

Join us in our chat rooms!  A way to get together when we are apart.

Connect with a member of our clergy team

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Sermon for Lent, March 22 - Doing what is pleasing to the Lord

Artwork for your window - drawn by Donna's grandchild

The Montreal Diocesan Theological College is offering online Daily Offices on their Facebook page:

Tune in weekdays at

9 AM for Morning Prayer

12:30 PM for mid-day prayer

5 PM for Evening Prayer

9:30 PM for Compline

Morning Prayer services will be held at 8, 9 and 10:30.

Via ZOOM, we will be joining together in prayer, singing and music, and the stream will remain open after the services so that we can share in a virtual coffee time.

8 am – A service of Morning Prayer according to the Book of Common Prayer

or Tel : (438) 809 7799 - Meeting: 451 675 690

9 am – Service de la Prière du Matin avec chants en Français

or Tel: (438) 809 7799 - Reunion: 482 887 404

10 :30 am – Morning Prayer service with hymns and music

or Tel : (438) 809 7799 - Meeting: 553661715

The calendar also contains the ZOOM connection links for each service.

4 pm – Evensong

This will be broadcast on Radio VM.

Dr. Jonathan White, our Director of Music, is feeding our souls with music.

See the Facebook page for Music at the Cathedral

J.S. Bach - Prelude and Fugue in C minor - for Bach's birthday

Music at 4 pm for March 22

Zoom is an interface that allows you to participate at a conference or a service as if you were there. Well, almost.

You can connect via any browser on your computer.

To use a phone or tablet, we invite you to install the application "Zoom Cloud Meetings" which is available on Google Play or the Apple Store.

Detailed instructions available here