Your Corporation and ministry team have been hard at work developing protocols which comply with government and Diocesan guidelines. During this time of pandemic, it is not possible to make in-person worship a completely safe activity; however, these protocols are designed to make it as safe as possible for participants.

We will be maintaining rich online worship opportunities for those members of our community who choose not to worship in person, or to do so only occasionally.

The decision to worship in-person or on-line is a complex one. We trust that each of you will make the decision which is right for you, and are committed to supporting the spiritual health of each person in our community as fully as we are capable of doing.

There are three in-person Eucharist services on Sundays, combining with the online Zoom services.

Because singing is a high-risk activity, our in-person worship will not include hymns.

Christ commanded us to love our neighbour as our selves. At this time of Covid, loving our neighbour involves practising basic health protocols, similar to the ones we are expected to practice every day.  It may seem sad or jarring to see these in our Cathedral, but they are an expression of our love for Christ and for one another.

In-person Morning Prayer on Wednesdays

How to attend on Sundays

During Phase II of our re-opening, attendance at in-person services will be limited to twenty-five (25) persons. In order to manage this in a fair way, we have developed an online reservation system.

Four seats will be available for those who just appear at the door on Sundays, as will any extra seats from the online system. Persons who join us without a reservation will need to provide name and contact information.

Click on a button to make your reservation. (If the buttons are not showing the upcoming Sunday, please refresh your browser.)

Each worshipper will be asked to certify that they do not currently have, and have not in the previous two weeks had, any symptoms of COVID-19; that they have not knowingly had any exposure to anyone with COVID-19 symptoms in the previous two weeks; and that they have not travelled outside of the country in the previous two weeks.

What to expect once you get to the Cathedral

Please plan to arrive at the Cathedral 15-20 minutes early, as entrances will be monitored to ensure that physical distancing is maintained. Each person over the age of two will need to wear a mask which covers his or her nose and mouth completely at all times. These should be either surgical masks or fabric masks made of at least two layers of tightly-woven fabric. “Neck gaitors” will not be acceptable, as studies have shown they are counter-productive. Masks will be available at the door for anyone who forgets to bring one. If you need to remove your mask temporarily (for example, to blow your nose), please leave the building first, then remove your mask.

Once you are at the Cathedral, you will need to sanitize your hands and then pick up a bulletin from the stack by the door.

From there, please move directly to one of the marked pews, sharing it only with those already in your “bubble.” Please fill the pews at the front first, saving rear pews for later arrivals and for those with restricted mobility. If you are worshipping with a child, please hold their hand during entrances and exits; children will need to remain in your pew, and not to move about the building. Our offerings for children will remain online for the next few months; children and their families are warmly encouraged to join children’s church each Sunday at 10:00 a.m.

You are welcome to chat once you are in your pew; however, it is important that you not stand and chat in the aisles, as we need to keep those clear for those entering behind you. Worshippers will need to maintain physical distancing of 2m at all times, and to refrain from touching anyone not in their bubble.

Washrooms will be available for emergencies; the vergers will sanitize the washroom after each use.

We regret that it will not be possible for us to offer coffee hour for the foreseeable future. When the service concludes, please leave the building starting with the rear pews, maintaining 2m-distancing. Please either take your bulletin with you as you leave or dispose of it in the bin provided.

It will not be possible to remain after the service. If you would like to light a candle or to have time for private prayer, we encourage you to come early, or to make use of our midweek hours; we are open Monday through Saturday from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm.