Spiritual Practices: A Lenten Series

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  • February 28, 2021
  • 11:30 AM

Have you been wanting to deepen your prayer life or your sense of connection to yourself, but wondering where to start?

On the five Sundays in Lent, there will be a series of online presentations on spiritual practices following the 10:30 service.

There is no one practice which appeals to everyone (or even to the same person at different stages of his/her/their life), so we will be presenting a wide range, in hope that each of you will find something which intrigues you enough to try it out.

February 21: Daily Prayer: The Examen and Gratitude. (Vivian Lewin)
How do we grow in faith? In the first session of our Lenten series, spiritual director Vivian Lewin will introduce us to a transformative framework for daily prayer: The Examen

February 28: Silent Prayer and Walking in Nature (Sally Harrington)
In the second session of our Lenten series, spiritual director Sally Harrington will introduce us to silent prayer, at home and while walking in nature.

March 7: Anglican Prayer Beads (The Rev. Mary Bea Sullivan)
In the third session of our Lenten series, The Rev. Mary Bea Sullivan will introduce us to Anglican prayer beads. Mary Bea is the author of three books, including Living Awake, Dancing Naked in the Rain, and Living the Way of Love.

March 14: Doing Justice: The Way of Active Compassion (The Very Rev. Bertrand Olivier)
In the fourth session of our Lenten series, Cathedral Dean Bertrand Olivier will deepen our appreciation of justice as a means of growing in spirit.

March 21: Spiritual Journaling and Praying with Icons (The Rev. Dr. Deborah Meister)
In the final session of our Lenten series, The Rev. Dr. Deborah Meister, a spiritual director, will introduce the practices of spiritual journaling and praying with icons.

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