Divertissements à Drury Lane

Event details

  • Saturday | April 13, 2024
  • 2:00 PM
  • 635 Saint Catherine Street West

In 1672, a tempest of flames reduced London’s Theatre Royal Drury Lane to smoldering ash. From those ashes emerged the rebirth of an enduring legacy. Drury Lane has survived as London’s oldest active theater. Nicknamed the “King’s Playhouse,” Drury Lane was a bastion of entertainment, host to London’s finest actors, comedians, and musicians.

We invite you to get lost in time and experience the music that once graced the halls of Drury Lane. The reconstructed theater opened its doors in 1674, embarking on a new era of artistic splendor. Period instrument ensemble, Les Temps Perdus, breathes new life into the music once heard at Drury Lane, including works by George Frideric Handel, Thomas Arne, and our guest of honor, Giacobbe Basevi Cervetto.

In 1728, the cellist of Jewish-Italian descent left his home in Verona to settle in England. As principal cellist of the Drury Lane Orchestra, Cervetto captivated audience members, igniting a sensational fervor for the cello. In addition to having brought the cello into favor over the viola da gamba, he expanded the instrumental repertoire with a number of captivating compositions. Today, we share with you some of those delightful masterworks.