‘Befriending our Mortality’ – A day trip to Sorel

A funeral urn by Holly Radcliffe

Event details

  • Saturday | January 20, 2024
  • 9:00 AM
  • Car pooling will be organized, leaving from Montreal at around 9 am. Please fill in form if you need a car or you can offer space. Event starts at 10:15. Maison des Gouverneurs, 90 chemin des Patriotes, Sorel-Tracy, J3P 7K1
  • FreeRegistration

A group from the Cathedral will visit Holly Ratcliffe’s exhibition ‘Befriending our mortality’ at the Maison des Gouverneurs in Sorel-Tracy, followed by shared lunch and a visit to the local Anglican church.

A funeral urn by Holly Radcliffe

The exhibition features beautiful funeral urns made by Holly Ratcliffe, who will present her work.  She is an anthropologist and ceramicist as well as an Anglican priest. As part of her practice, she designs and makes urns based on conversations she has with people who are looking back on their life as they face their death.

We will then have a shared lunch at the Presbytère of the Anglican church of Sorel, and a visit to the historical church led by the incumbent.

We are plannint to leave Montreal by 9.00/9.15 am for a 10:15 start to our visit.  We should be back in Montreal by 3 pm.

To register, please fill in the form at https://cccmtl.breezechms.com/form/e97d91.

We will carshare for this event, so make sure to indicate if you have a car or if you need a lift.

No admission costs.  Bring your brown bag lunch.