CORPORATION is the official executive council of the Cathedral and has legal responsibility for the working of the Cathedral, its staff, its property and finances and investments. There are currently six full members of Corporation: The Dean, who is the chair, the Treasurer, who is a member ex-officio, and then the two Churchwardens and the two deputy Churchwardens. The Rector’s Warden is appointed by the Dean each year, and the People’s Warden and the two Deputy Churchwardens are elected each year at the Annual Vestry Meeting. Churchwardens normally serve for two to three years. Corporation presents a report to Forum regularly.

The Annual Vestry Meeting takes place in February each year and is the full meeting of all members of the congregation, where members of the congregation look at the financial accounts and budget and take any major decisions in the life of the Cathedral.

EPISKOPÉ is the pastoral and spiritual decision making group of the Cathedral. It is made up primarily of people who hold a bishop’s licence (permission) for ministry in the Cathedral.  All Cathedral clergy and licensed lay readers and spiritual directors are members as are some other pastoral lay assistants as the group decides.

Episkopé discusses all matters of pastoral, spiritual, educational, and justice issues in the life of the Church and the Cathedral and reports back both to Corporation and to Forum regularly.

Together Corporation and Episkopé set our five priorities to be:

  • Pastoral Care

  • Building Community

  • Deepening our Faith

  • Attracting New Members

  • Radical Transformation and Justice