Thank you for visiting Christ Church Cathedral, the spiritual mother church for all Anglicans in the diocese of Montreal, as well as a building of patrimonial and historical significance for all Montrealers. We hope that you enjoyed your tour.

Our origins go back to the early history of English presence in Canada, and our community is now multilingual. We are open every day, and hold worship services open to all in the Cathedral and online in English and French. All are also welcome to attend our events, concerts and other activities, or simply to sit quietly in the beauty and silence of our sacred building. Our community works with itinerants, ex-convicts, students at local universities and many other groups, and seeks to maintain active links with the downtown community.

If you would like to find out more about our history and our activities, please visit our website at

A historic building such as ours is costly to maintain. Please consider making a donation as you leave in order to contribute to its future. Alternatively, you can also make a donation online at

We wish you a very good day and may God bless you on your journey today and always.