Now walk back towards the crossing (stand just in front of the nave altar).
Look towards the back of the church.

The Choir loft and the Karl Wilhelm organ were installed in 1980. This pipe organ has 3 manuals, 42 stops, 63 ranks, and 2778 pipes, and is designed in a North German baroque style. A carillon and a 32-foot reed stop were added later.


The glowing circular Rose Window above the organ was donated by the children and teachers of the Sunday School when the Cathedral was built.

Notice the many symbols of the Trinity in the design as well as the symbols of Christ’s crucifixion, such as the nails and crown of thorns.

The colours of stained glass are also symbolic. Red, for example, is the colour of the fire of the Holy Spirit, and also represents the Passion of Jesus, courage and self-sacrifice, while Blue suggests the light of heaven, and is a symbol of profound meditation, of enduring loyalty and eternity, the colour of the Blessed Virgin Mary.