From the main door, and facing the altar, turn right.

Our first stop is the delightful little Children’s Chapel, originally an entrance porch, which was created as a Children’s Corner in 1938.

In 1983 the tapestry by Eastern Townships artist Ottilie Fodor was installed over the doorway. The chapel is now used as a quiet play area for children during services.

Notice the delightful windows illustrating the children’s hymn “All things bright and beautiful, all creatures great and small... the Lord God made them all.”

Now walk down the side aisle, toward the front of the church.

This is a reminder that in the nineteenth century the cost of building and maintaining the Cathedral and supporting its mission was mainly covered by renting the pews.

The Cathedral’s archives contain lists of pewholders and accounts of rents paid - or often owing.

For example, around 1867 pew 146 was owned by J.G. Mackenzie.

Pew 176 was reserved for the bishop’s servants.

Pew 49 at the back of the nave aisle was owned by McGill College.

The Molson family owned 3 pews in various parts of the church and we can see the names of many prominent English and Scottish Montrealers.

Pew rents were gradually eased out in the first part of the 20th century.