Now let’s go back, then move into the baptistery through the wooden arch on the right side of the church.

This was originally the Chapel dedicated to St John of Jerusalem, hence the stained glass window depicting one of the Knights Templar and the plate in the floor dedicating the chapel to the memory of Lt-Col. Herbert Molson.

At the time of the restoration of the Cathedral finished in 1980, the Baptistery and the Chapel switched places.

The banners hanging from the ceiling are the retired regimental colours of the Canadian Grenadier Guards. The Cathedral is their regimental church so the guards traditionally attend the Cathedral around Remembrance Sunday.

The small red door in the corner of the baptistery gives access to the tower. It is closed to visitors.

The carvings of thistles and roses on the screen on the east wall suggests the Scottish and English connections of the early congregations.