Now turn right (i.e., left side of the church) and walk down the steps into the Chapel of St John of Jerusalem.

This chapel is connected to a smaller chapel where the reserved sacrament is kept in the aumbry, behind the small reproduction of the famous 15th century icon of the Trinity, by Russian icon writer Rublev. For Christians, the reserved sacrament is a powerful sign of the presence of Christ among us. This area is reserved for quiet prayer and meditation.

As you walk around the church you will see many memorial plaques and windows. The St John’s chapel has a particularly interesting memorial to a young man, Vivian Arthur Ponsonby Payne, who died in the wreck of the Titanic. The tablet was erected by 125 of his associates in the Grand Trunk Railway. You will find it on the wall to your left when you are facing the altar.

Walk through the arch and move forward a little in the side isle.

When you go through the arched screen to walk down the side aisle you will see above you a small wooden cross and statues of a nurse and a soldier, as a reminder of the Order’s historical mission to protect pilgrims to Jerusalem and its current objective to minister to the sick and the injured with the St John’s Ambulance brigade.