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Earth World Concert

Concert for Journées de la culture

Friday September 24, 2021 – 7 PM

Organists Adrian Foster and Joel Peters will present a concert unlike any you’ve heard before. Their group, Earth World Collobartive, specializes in immersive story concerts that integrate electronics, original compositions, projection, lighting, and special effects. The Cathedral will look and sound much different from Sunday morning! The concert is free, and there will be a freewill offering. Learn more at

From the artists:

“Revenant” marks Earth World Collaborative’s return to the living. It is a return to the living, breathing music of a concert, marking another instalment in Earth World’s projects on the theme of silence.

In the shadows of lockdown we sang of the fruits of silence and lamented our lost presence in concert spaces.  These silences taught us to listen more deeply, to sing with fuller voice, to recognize the voices of silence. The silence which inspires humming, the silent calm before a storm, the silence where we attend to the voices of silence and the voices of the silent dead. 

And thus it is with music heard and music unheard, composed and recomposed, that we return, offering not a silent concert, but rather a concert worthy of, and inspired by, silence.

Joel Peters & Adrian Foster, organ and piano
Kimberley Lynch & Vanessa Croome, voice
Amy Hillis, violin

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