16 July 11am Funeral Catherine Riley


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    Inez Gage says:

    Something went terribly wrong this link only recorded 2:23 minutes and then nothing. This is very unfortunate especially since we could not be present due to Covid.

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      Bertrand Olivier says:

      Dear Inez, I was sorry to read your comment, which was obivously shared by others who were hoping to participate remotely in our dear Catherine’s funeral.

      We experienced an unexpected and catastrophic issue with our systems which interfered with the broadcast of the service. Despite working to try and resolve it, we were not able to do this in time. Obviously, we are sorry for the distress which this might have caused to those who were hoping to participate online.

      The service was well attended by family, friends and members of the Cathedral congregation, and was a fitting tribute to someone who had led an extraordinary life and touched so many of us in the process. We have just made available the two eulogies which had been pre-recorded and the order of service had also been shared online. We know that despite missing the images, many joined us in a time of prayer as we said farewell to Catherine and commended her to God’s eternal Love. May she rest in peace, and rise in Glory.


      Dean Bertrand Olivier

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