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Lenten Ecojustice Calendar – Holy Saturday

Each year, as we come to the end of Lent, we have to decide how much of our Lenten discipline we will now cast aside with a sigh of relief, and how much we are willing to take with us into our new life in the risen Christ.  During this long COVID-Lent, each of us has found out what level of inconvenience, expense, effort and self-denial we can bear in order to protect ourselves and each other from the virus.  We now need to ask ourselves, which of the habits of action and advocacy we have adopted during Lent we are prepared to carry on into the Easter Season and beyond.  Tonight, at the Easter Vigil, we will renew our Baptismal Covenant, committing ourselves to work for justice for all people, and to care for God’s creation.  We need now to decide what we are prepared to undertake, to accept, or to forego, in order to protect ourselves, each other, and our fellow creatures from new zoonotic illnesses like covid19, and other effects of mass extinction and climate catastrophe.

Holy Saturday

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