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Stir-up Sunday – November 22 at 2pm

Sunday November 22nd is Stir-Up Sunday and in the Anglican Tradition this is the day for Christmas Cake baking.

For those of you still wanting to be part of this Christ Church Cathedral tradition during lock down, you can join our Dean Bertrand in the making of the festive fruit cake by clicking on this YouTube link.

You can either bake along with Bertrand at 2.00 pm so we are all baking along together in spirit, or watch and bake at a later time.

Bertrand will be using a recipe for a Cathedral Stained-glass window Christmas cake – of which a slice will have all the resplendent colours of a stained-glass window. The recipe is included here, so you can have all your ingredients ready to bake along with Bertrand or if you have a preferred recipe please still join us at the same time and you can still be part of prayers and stirring.

A number of ingredients such as dried fruit and spices can be purchased from our Fair-Trade Kiosk and we also ask for you to be mindful when shopping and if possible, choose from local, organic or other Fair-Trade sourced ingredients.

PS: To order from the Cathedral’s Fair Trade Kiosk, first  check the stock link  to view stocked items.

Then go to the Cathedral's Fair Trade page and complete the email form.

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