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Christians, COVID and the Biodiversity Crisis: Areas for Urgent Action

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At the end of our May 23rd mini-conference, Taddy promised a list of links that provide additional information on the situation of indigenous land defenders and water defenders, including the threats that they face and the ways that we can support them. Many of these are time sensitive, requiring a response within the next few weeks. None of us can respond to everything. Pick what speaks to you.

It is often annoying and overwhelming to find one’s inbox filled with appeals of this kind. I think it helps to remember, though, that this tremendous surge of activity is also an extremely hopeful sign that people worldwide are waking up to the urgency and fragility of our present situation.

Mining and other corporate justice

Indigenous communities and COVID19
This just arrived yesterday in my inbox, or I would have included it the presentation

Flooding of pristine wilderness, with risk of mercury contamination
Site C

Don’t Gamble with Inuit lives

Lake Quesnel
https://e-activist. com/page/57815/action/1

Tyendinaga land defenders

Just, Green Recovery from COVID19
This link makes it really, really easy to submit a letter to the editor, describing your vision of a just, green recovery from COVID19
Raven trust is an amazing organization that provides legal defence funds and support for Canadian Indigenous communities defending their rights in court. I would urge everyone to check them out. There is a huge amount of information on their website, including links to podcasts,webinars, etc. They have been involved in some very important legal successes.

They are more in need of donations (including airmiles) than letters of support.

The Amazon
If you sign this, please consider very specifically what you intend to do, e.g.,
• what forms of transit can you use more often, where to, when?
• what products will you start or stop buying?
• where should you shop more or less?
• how much can you reduce your meat consumption? at what meals? what will replace it?
do you need new recipes etc.?
• what, when, where, how often can you do to connect with nature?
Vague, general resolutions don’t tend to result in action.

(I’m not a hundred percent confident that this is the best solution, but something needs to be
done, and the more support this petition receives, the harder it will be to ignore the situation.)

Other areas of Latin America
Latin America earth defenders
Canadian investment and trade in the Americas



Brenda Linn

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