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Who is this God?

In his book “The Greatest Miracle in the World” the philosopher Augustine “Og” Mandino presents an interview of God with the human entitled. “The Memorandum of God”, which would leave no human indifferent, and here are some excerpts:

Be aware of my message, I hear your cry…
He has come through the darkness,
in the clouds, mingles with the starlight.
and makes his way to my heart,
following the path of a sunbeam.

A very reassuring message that proves that God is always listening and sympathizes with our anguish and that of all his creatures.

I experienced anguish when I heard the cry of a hare…
Who suffocated in the noose of a trap…
Of a son spilling his blood on the cross…

This passage from Mandino’s work is very reassuring for us Christians, for the God of whom he speaks is the God of Jesus Christ, whom we remember in this liturgical time of his resurrection. Thus, justified by faith, we are at peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ. (Romans 5 V1) It is a small reminder that brings us back to a profound reflection of being, which emanates from God and his blessings.

Who is this God, to be so caring?

The answer I found in a small handwritten note reading “Conversations with God, an unusual dialogue” by Neale Donald Walsch that I bought at a garage sale. It said:

“Dear Mary.
Today we know that God is a huge concept that eludes us. Of which we can understand only part of a true spiritual mystery. The God we are talking about here is within us, outside of us, he could be called Life, Consciousness, Spirit, Principle and what else do I know?
Then, I invite you to read or listen, taste and meditate the Memorandum of God by Og Mandino whose link is

Jean Robert Bellarmin

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