Sung Evensong – 5 April 2020

For those of you who missed our broadcast of sung evensong, or for those of you who would like to hear it again, here are the recordings from the service. If you wish to make a freewill offering to the Cathedral for its music and wider ministries, you can do so securely online at Canada Helps.


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    JOHN GARROD says:

    It would have been good to have some English translations where necessary, even just those for the opening words.

    A soloist sings all the music . Presumably there are missing parts ? Which music would be for part-singing ? Has this music been adapted for a soloist only ?

    I live in the UK and know quite a lot of repertoire for ‘EVENSONG’. None of this music is familiar to me. Can you explain the thinking behind the choice of this music ?

    It would have been good to hear a hymn or two, as you would expect to have these in a sung service on a Sunday or holy day.

    Obviously the situation at present would not allow for a full choir or group of singers. Some sort of background relating to this music and its choice would have been appropriate. It all requires some sort of explanation for anyone listening away from the Cathedral.

    I would welcome some answers / comments to my questions and observations.

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      Jane Aitkens says:

      Hello John,

      Our Evensong is broadcast over a French radio program here in Quebec, hence the language preference.
      The music was composed by our Director of Music, Dr. Jonathan White.
      We are very fortunate that Dr. White and our soloist are willing to carry on together and bring us a Sunday evensong. Thank you for understanding.

      Jane Aitkens, Cathedral webmistress

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        JOHN GARROD (UK) says:

        Thank you. I have had a substantial reply from Jonathan explaining points I made and questions I asked.

        It’s good to have interest from others who take time to reply.

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