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Change of Perspective

Today we read of the second miracle of fish in John 21. The first miracle of fish is in Luke 5 at the beginning of Jesus’ ministry. There, Jesus was in the boat, now Jesus, in a post resurrection appearance is on the shore waiting to have breakfast with the disciples. 

One aspect of these stories that interests me is the change we see in the disciple Peter. In the first miracle when Jesus tells the fisherman to let down their nets in the deep water, Peter complains “we have worked all night long but have caught nothing”. Even though he has respect for Jesus by calling him “Master”, he is dubious of his fishing ability. Compare this with Peter’s attitude in the second miracle of fish. It is the beloved disciple who recognizes it is Jesus on the shore, and when he tells Peter this, Peter quickly gets dressed and jumps immediately into the water, wanting to get to Jesus first. And when Jesus asks for some fish, Peter runs to the boat to get him some. Peter knows it is his Lord and Saviour inviting him to breakfast. The impetuous Peter is still at it, but how his faith has grown. 

Here we are living in a pandemic, what a change of perspective. Last night my book club met via Zoom.  Pre-pandemic, if you had asked me if I wanted to join a book club via Zoom, the answer would have been, “No thank you”.   However last night I was so glad to join in and to be, so to speak, in the company of other people. The same is true of worship. What I would have quickly dismissed a few months ago, I now embrace. I look forward to “being” with my church community on Zoom. 

Perhaps the most comforting thought through all of this is that Jesus is with us all, even on Zoom! And as his disciples, with our perspectives so changed in this pandemic, it is up to us to look in new places to be with and see our Lord. I am sure he is among us all as we clap our hands and sing our appreciation for all health workers. He is clapping too. With your perspective change, where will you see Jesus next?

— Ralph Leavitt 

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