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Musical Treasure

It took Nicholas Capozzoli, our interim Music Co-Director, amongst his other duties, all of the famously steamy summer of 2018 to create a searchable catalogue of the Cathedral’s music collection!

The collection itself is a masterwork, spanning many centuries of church music. It’s one many cathedrals would envy–nearly 2,000 pieces of music, written by more than 500 composers (plus uncounted music in over a dozen anthology volumes) filling an entire wall of filing cabinets plus a dozen others. This precious collection was built over many decades.

“If we were to sing through our entire collection of mass settings (212) without a repeat each Sunday, it would take us more than four years,” choir member Yevgeniya Amis told the congregation on Sunday, “and if we decided to go through the entire collection of anthems (1,102), we wouldn’t start repeating any until 2040!!!”

Patrick Wedd, our previous music director, is among the top five composers in the documented library and is also a composer of countless descants and responsorial psalms (four drawers of music not in this catalogue). Nick’s work will tremendously help not only our interim Music Directors now, but also to our new Music Director to come!

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