Sharing the Good Word 2018.03.18

In our Gospel for Sunday, March 18 (John 12:20-33) Jesus speaks of his death and says: “Unless a grain of wheat falls into the earth and dies, it remains just a single grain; but if it dies, it bears much fruit.”  You can read the whole passage here in English (ou ici en français).  What does this say to you today?

You are invited to read the passage slowly, perhaps more than once, and share your thoughts about it here.


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    JOHN GARROD says:

    Jesus was speaking about his imminent death. When a seed is buried in the ground, it dies. As a result of this, there is growth from the place where the seed died. Flowers will grow where the seed died and so new life starts in this place. Jesus was saying that his death would produce new life. This new life would be manifested in his resurrection from the dead. His followers and believers would spread the word about his resurrection and many more people would believe and become Christians. Often, we need to shed an old life and put on, or take up, something new. Sometimes, a new start is what we need and by leaving an old way of life and starting a new way, we follow Christ and are renewed by a new or fresh start and this can often be the best thing we do for both ourselves and others. There are many resurrections taking place daily, where people die to old ways and bad habits and start afresh, renewed and envigourated by a new life or a fresh start.

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