Sharing the Good Word 2018.03.11

The Gospel for Sunday, March 11 (John 3:14-21) speaks of Jesus being the light of the world. What does this say to you today?

You are invited to read the passage, perhaps more than once, and share your thoughts about it here.

The image shows a window by John Piper in the Baptistry of Coventry Cathedral.


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    Steph says:

    Coming to the Light. I think Lent is about actively trying to get to the Light. For me, maybe for most, that means becoming aware of wrong and the harm we cause others or ourselves. Coming to the Light isn’t easy. My lenten revelation of yesterday was a big one, a sad one–because of the pattern of thinking I’ve learned (no details on specifics here, sorry), have caused harm in my personal relationships and I believe I may be in the midst of teaching this to my children. By the gift of the Light yesterday, shining on the harm I’m causing, gives me hope to dedicate myself to making the changes I need to drastically change my thinking and to counteract what I’ve already passed on, with God’s help. I’m seeing yet another way to take up my cross, very difficult, but totally worth it!

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      Vivian Lewin says:

      Very moved to read this. Goosebumps. Thank you for writing this honest reflection, which will serve to encourage others, by God’s grace.

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