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Newsletter 2018.03.09

Laetare Sunday (Lent 4) and 4 reasons to rejoice: Induction Sunday, Nuit blanche success, James Roberts’ retirement, safe arrival of Kat’s daughter … Notice re AGVM … Fair Trade Boutique … La Cathédrale le soir … Pain, partage et prière … Hungry Minds … Cathedral book group reads Map of Glass … Ignatian prayer in this week’s Lenten Study … Read and comment on this week’s Gospel – Recipe for Scripture Cake …  Oasis concert by Choeur de chambre du Québec … Letter of thanks from Montreal/Tiohtia:ke Health Centre

Dear friend of the Cathedral

There is much to rejoice about this week and so it’s very appropriate that Sunday is Laetare Sunday when the clergy wear their rose-coloured vestments and Lenten disciplines are relaxed for the day.

Our first reason to rejoice is the induction of Bertrand Olivier as Rector of Christ Church Cathedral and his installation as the 23rd Dean of Montreal during a moving and dramatic Eucharist at 4 pm this Sunday. There will be a reception afterwards in Fulford Hall. Everyone is invited to both the service and the reception.

Our second reason to rejoice is the success of “Musique Mixe” the Cathedral’s offering to the public on Nuit blanche last Saturday. Seven thousand and ten people streamed through the doors, two thousand drank Fair Trade hot chocolate and large numbers sat and listened to the musical offerings. Between four and five hundred people listened appreciatively to Patrick’s Bach recital which started the evening and about the same number were in the audience for the jazz group at midnight. Our visitors in between appreciated the NFB movies, the “selfie station” where visitors could don vestments (photo shows George Deare, long-time server and Cathedral stalwart), the displays, and the 6 concerts from the two choirs – the lively offering from the Gay Men’s Choir was greeted with particularly loud applause and cheers, and Sympholies vocals also had a great reception. My favourite part of the evening was the monastic service of compline led by Anna Lewton-Brain and an excellent pick-up choir. In my mind’s eye I still see a young couple, sitting a pew with their arms around each other, sharing a candle and following the office in their service-sheet. I also see the reaction of many strangers as they came into the church  – “Wow! This is so beautiful! I’ve never been in this church before.” A huge thank you goes to Cassidy Vanderschee and Catherine St-Arnaud for their efficient and imaginative leadership, and of course to the many volunteers.

Our third and fourth reasons to rejoice have to do with news from a former and a current member of the Cathedral.

James Roberts, now living in Vancouver and married to Alain-Michel Robichaud, has just retired from the National Film Board. We wish him every happiness and lots of fun travelling the world.

Kat Speeckaert, our head server has just given birth to a beautiful baby girl Siobhán Jacqueline. More photos of little Siobhán and a commentary by Kat were attached to the email version of this letter (to subscribe, see instructions at the foot of this post).  Kat writes that Siobhán was born at St. Mary’s Hospital on February 23rd at 3:56 PM, weighing in at 6 lbs 13 ounces and 19 ½ inches long after a difficult labour. Due to her position she got stuck after hours of fluctuating heartrate, but she finally came out thanks to an excellent team of doctors and some scary trays of instruments. We ask the blessing of the Holy Spirit on Kat and Siobhán and pray for their health, happiness – and lots of sleep.

Please note that there will be no 12:45 service this Sunday nor next Sunday (March 11 and 18). The 10 am service will be bi-lingual on those days. The March 11 service has been cancelled to allow everyone to go to the Installation of Dean Bertrand Olivier; on March 18, the Annual General Vestry Meeting in Fulford Hall shortly after the 10 am service. The monthly Fairtrade Kiosque March 18 will set up at the back of the hall so you can browse while drinking your coffee and nibbling a snack. All Cathedral members are urged to come to the meeting. Here is the agenda. The Annual Report will be emailed to parishioners early next week.

March 18 is this month’s Sunday for La Cathédrale, le soir, at 6 pm. This is an informal bilingual Communion service with contemporary praise music.

The afternoon of that same Sunday, Pain, partage et prière, the French Bible study and prayer group, will meet at 2:00pm.

Hungry minds, our Cathedral young adult group gathers for Bible study, meals, and social and service events on Wednesdays at 6pm in the Undercroft. To learn more talk to the Rev. Jean-Daniel or contact him by email ().

Over the next month the Cathedral Book Group will read A Map of Glass by Jane Urquhart and meet for discussion on Sunday April 22. Do join us if you like drinking tea or coffee and talking about books.

The Lenten Study “Teach Us To Pray” continues Monday evenings, beginning at 6:30pm with soup and cheese. Study begins at 7pm. This Monday, March 12th, Vivian Lewin will lead a form of Ignatian prayer. Next week, March 19th Ben Stuchbery will lead the group in a reflection on the Daily Offices

Episkopé encourages you to go to the Cathedral website each week to see French and English links to the Gospel that will be read the following Sunday. (The same web posts also appear on Facebook). This week’s reading refers to our response to the “light that has come in to the world.” What does this say to you today?You are invited to read the passage, perhaps more than once, and share your thoughts about it on the website.

The Oasis Musicale concert this Saturday, March 10, at 4:30 pm, will be performed by the Choeur de chambre du Québec with the programme title “Ancien et nouveau”. The listener is invited to travel between different eras with pairs of musical settings of a single text, one by a composer from an earlier period and the other by a contemporary composer, including a Kyrie by William Byrd and a Kyrie by Nicolas Jean, a 24 year old composer.  Free will donation. For details of all the Oasis concerts visit

Have you ever tried making a Scripture Cake? Elizabeth Shama shared this recipe:

 4.5 cups 1 Kings 4:22
1.5 cups Judges 5:25
2 tsp. Jeremiah 6:20
2 cups 1 Samuel 30:12
2 cups Nahum 3:12
1 cup Numbers 17:8
2 x 15 mi 1 Samuel 14:25
Season to taste with 2 Chronicle 9:9
6 x 15 mi Jeremiah 17:11
A pinch of Leviticus 2:13
½ cup Judges 4:19
2 x 5 mi Amos 4:5

Add citron and follow Solomon’s  advice for making a good boy, Proverbs 23:14,  and you have a good cake. Cook in slow oven 1.5 hours

Apologies that the letter is a day late this week. There was a gas leak on Ste Catherine Thursday afternoon which resulted in the power being cut for several hours in the Cathedral and the Cathedral offices.

One final piece of rejoicing. Jan Jorgensen has received a lovely card and letter from the board members of the upcoming Montreal Tiohtia:ke Health Centre thanking the cathedral for the donation made through SJAG. The message says “Thank you for the gift in recognition of the work we are doing for the betterment of health and social services of indigenous peoples on Tiohtia:ke. Your sheer generosity and kind regard are very important and encouraging to us” The card will be on display in the baptistery.

Wishing you all many reasons to rejoice

Ann Elbourne


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