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Stoking Your Fire

Are you spending more time at home in this bitter cold weather?  Why not use your prayer time to connect with your world and your community?

As a refresher or an introduction to go deeper, here’s a lovely short “how-to” on personal intercessory prayer by the well-known teacher Anthony de Mello. It appears on the website Spirituality&Practice,  a treasure-trove of resources for the faith life. You can also find the instructions in PDF form here.

“Pour the treasures of Christ over others, for they are infinite,” writes de Mello. “The more you share with others, the more will you nourish your own heart.”

Please give a moment this week to pray for the needs of the world, near and far… and the church, near and far. You are surely aware that we have parish members … and whole nations … in need of prayer support this week.  The list of individuals appears in the weekly service bulletin which can be found online.

We pray for these by name and pay revolving attention to the wider church, our parish, and the city around us, in the Cathedral every weekday at the Daily Office (9:15 and 5:15 Monday through Friday). Here is the full intercession list for the current week.    

This is a revised version of a practice that first appeared on this site last year when your prayers were requested in the search for our new Dean.

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