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Cathedral Newsletter, November 9, 2017

Details about Quiet day – After the Service Bible Study – Capital campaign Info session- Christmas shopping at the Fair Trade Kiosque – Flowers –Music – Remembrance Day – la cathédrale le soir – Pain, partage et prière – reminders about parish supper, reading group, Christmas cakes – Invitation to November Forum

Dear Friend of the Cathedral


Our lives certainly get crowded at this time of the year so it might be a good time to think about registering for the Quiet Day on December 2 which is entitled “Godly Work: What Are We Waiting For?”.  Vivian writes: “Come on the very eve of Advent–our new year in Christian life–and take time to reflect on how your life activities, past and present, have related to your essential freedom … to your prayer … and to the desires you and God have for each other. Share liturgies led by Jen Bourque and short meditations led by Veronica McDermott (educational leader), Reta Desfosses (Ignatian spiritual director and former bus driver), and one more special guest. The day will start at 9 and end at 4. There will be plenty of time to reflect, through journaling, scripture meditation, art, etc. Coffee & tea, lunch, snacks will be provided.”  Participation is open to all in the parish, and to students and associates of the Diocesan College. Please do register, as space is somewhat limited, and to allow us to plan for lunch. Contact to register.


More spiritual richness will be found in the four Bible Study sessions starting soon. Please join us after the 10 am service on Sunday, November 26 for the first of four sessions of After the Service Bible Study. We will meet in the side chapel with our cup of coffee to share our scripture-related experiences by reflecting upon the Sunday readings. To help participants prepare for the discussion, the readings for the following week will be posted as an insert in each Sunday’s bulletin, along with some questions to focus our thoughts.

Frank Diké will be our leader in the first session; Peter Huish, Jane Aitkens and Ann Elbourne will each lead one of the following three weeks.

The readings and questions for the 26th will be distributed next week.


A different kind of discussion will be offered the same Sunday at the same time, but in the Undercroft. Here is Message from the Capital Campaign Cabinet team (Jane Aitkens, Robert King, Donna Riley, and Rev. Jean-Jacques Goulet):

Sign up for the Next Capital Campaign Information Sunday, November 26.   You may recall that this time last year several group sessions were held to share information on the capital campaign and to encourage everyone’s participation. About 30 people attended those sessions. Then our Dean announced his departure and other priorities took over!  In the summer months since the public launch of the campaign at the end of May, a lot has happened, and intensive work has begun on the inside of the tower. As promised by the fencing that has gone up, the project will soon become visible to the general public as well. The campaign team is now ready to resume the updated information sessions, for parishioners who did not attend one last year or who have not been personally visited.

The first session will be held on Sunday, November 26, at noon in the Undercroft. If you are able to attend this session, please let us know in advance by contacting the office () so that we can ensure we have personalized information packages for everyone planning to attend. Other sessions will be planned in the coming weeks. Our goal is to meet personally with all parishioners. Those who are unable to attend a session will be contacted to arrange person-to-person interviews. If you prefer a personal meeting, please let us know through the office. Thanks!


Looking ahead to Advent and Christmas, the fair trade kiosk of Sunday November 19th after the 10:00 am service will feature fair trade chocolate Advent calendars from the company Divine and selected artisanal fair trade gift items for Christmas such as ornaments and cards. From all corners of the world to you!

En anticipant les saisons de l’Avent et Noël, le kiosque de commerce équitable après le service de 10h00 présentera les calendriers de l’Avent en chocolat de la compagnie Divine et des cadeaux équitables de Noël tels que des ornements et des cartes. De tous les coins de monde à vous.


Have you noticed the beautiful flowers in the Cathedral? Rob Wells has a team of flower arrangers who fill the vases each week. The flowers are donated by members of the congregation who perhaps want to remember a person, or an occasion, or give thanks for something special. You will see the dedication in the bulletin each week. A donation of $60 – $80 is suggested. Two or more people can share the same date and the cost. Sponsors are needed for Sundays in November and December, particularly of course for Christmas. Please speak to Rob Wells or contact the office.


Thinking about Christmas, make a note of the date of our annual Sing-Along Messiah when you can join your voice to those of many other community singers, joining musicians and professional soloists, all under the direction of Patrick Wedd, our incomparable choir master. December 9 at 4:30. Come early if you want to borrow a score.

REMEMBRANCE DAY Nov 12  Many ways to worship and share in community

This Sunday there will be more solace in the Remembrance Day Services. Here is part of the bidding from the 10am service: “We meet in the presence of God. We commit ourselves to work in penitence and faith for reconciliation between the nations, that all people may, together, live in freedom, justice and peace. We pray for all who in bereavement, disability and pain continue to suffer the consequences of fighting and terror. We remember with thanksgiving and sorrow those whose lives, in world wars and conflicts past and present, have been given and taken away.”

At the requiem mass at 4 pm we will have a time of remembrance and prayers for the repose of the souls of the departed. You can hear more sublime music from our choir and organists at all three choral services.

There will be a different kind of Eucharist at 6 pm, La Cathédrale, le soir. Jean-Daniel Williams will preside, Nina Hermes, one of our servers and a member of the Hungry Minds Young Adult Group, will preach, and contemporary music will be lead by Zach Ingles.

Dimanche (le 12 nov.)  Pain, partage et prière :  Le groupe de prière, étude biblique et rencontre se réunira à 14h00 au salon Hollis.

Other dates for your diary

 Nov 18 (Saturday) The Annual Parish Supper Tickets are $10, and a special family rate will apply. Speak to Natasha to reserve.

Nov 19 (Sunday) Christmas Cakes!  The Christmas Cake making tradition will continue on Sunday, Nov. 19th in the Undercroft after the 10 am service. Cost approx. $35 for the ingredients to make 3 to 4 cakes (recipe supplied). Bring your mixing bowls and utensils. Novices welcome. Sign up by Nov. 12th; contact Leah Trineer at

Nov 19 (Sunday evening) The Cathedral Reading Group will meet to discuss The Women in the Castle by Jessica Shattuck. All are welcome. Speak to Ann Elbourne, Jane Aitkens or Diana Bouchard.

Nov 21 (Tuesday) Cathedral Forum at  6:30 pm. The sounding board of the community. All congregation members are invited.

Much on which to ponder, as always!

Ann Elbourne


PS If you are reading this newsletter on the Cathedral website, or on Facebook, you might wish you had received it earlier.  Our apologies for the delay,  To receive it earlier by email, and with it, additions like the Forum agenda, minutes and reports, posters, photos, etc., just send your coordinates to the Cathedral office…  the failsafe method is to email both Newsletter author and parish volunteer Ann Elbourne  and Parish Administrator Elizabeth Shama  .


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