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Cathedral Newsletter, November 2, 2017

Our new (future) Dean –  Grenadier Guards Open House Saturday Nov 4  –  Not Christmas yet – All Souls Requiem– Spire blog – Reminder about Bishop’s Dinner – Cathedral dates, reminders and new announcements – Missing Vancouver man in Montreal

Dear Friend of the Cathedral

The news most on our minds this week has to be the very welcome appointment of Bertrand Olivier as our new Dean of Montreal and Rector of Christ Church Cathedral. Please see his biography here in English and in French. Our Rector’s Warden Donna Riley, who was also Secretary to the Search Committee, writes:

The Corporation is delighted to announce that Bishop Mary, on recommendation of the Parish Search Committee, has appointed The Rev’d Bertrand Olivier to be the new Dean and Rector of Christ Church Cathedral, effective February 8, 2018. The formal announcement was made on Sunday, October 29th, both here and at the Rev. Olivier’s current parish, All Hallows by the Tower in London. Bertrand brings a wide range of deep experience and gifts to his new role, as can be seen from his biography, attached to this newsletter (and posted on the Cathedral’s website and Facebook page). In his 20+ years of ordained ministry, Bertrand has been deeply involved in issues of social justice, peace, and inclusivity; he has worked closely with his parishioners and with the business, civic, and church communities to advance a number of significant causes. His background includes a career in business (public relations and communications), as well as experience as a church organist. A native of France who has lived in the UK for more than three decades, Bertrand is fluently bilingual and very much looking forward to the challenge of ministering to an increasingly bilingual Anglican community here. He will be arriving in Montreal in early February, and his partner Paul will join him later in the spring. In anticipation of their arrival, Corporation would like to put together a Welcoming Team of parishioners who would be able to assist and advise them. If you have had the experience of moving to Quebec from elsewhere, or assisting others who have done so, or if you have particular knowledge about house-hunting, immigration, taxation, banking, the healthcare system, or any other relevant matters, we would love to hear from you. Please contact the Cathedral office and leave us a message, and we will get back to you promptly!

The Wardens would especially like to thank all the members of the Parish Search Committee for their generous devotion of time, energy, and prayerful reflection given to this process over the past year. We would also like to thank Bishop Mary and Archdeacon Robert Camara for their steady support, advice, and prayers. We would like to express our deep appreciation to the families of all Search Committee members, for their patience and their loving support in this process. And we thank you, parishioners and friends of the Cathedral, for your input into the process as we prepared for the search last spring, and for your prayers all along the way. And finally, particular thanks to our devoted and hard-working clergy and pastoral team, who over the past year have kept us on a steady keel.

On Wednesday we celebrated Halloween; today the dollar stores are selling Christmas cards and decorations and the seasonal stars nestling in the trees in front of the church are shining prettily. Unfortunately, the ugly goblins guarding the entrances to Les Promenades are also back. In the cathedral, we are sticking to the liturgical calendar and resolutely commemorating All Saints and All Souls. If you would like someone dear to you remembered during the requiem mass on Sunday, November 12 at 4 pm, please add the name to the list which will be at the back of the church on Sunday. You might also like to check the list to make sure the name you wrote is legible! Currently there are 76 names on the list. Wouldn’t be wonderful if all of us who wrote down these names came in person to the mass?

The Grenadier Guards will be with us for the 10 am service on November 12, Remembrance Sunday. Sergeant John Petrou, recruiting NCO for the Canadian Grenadier Guards has sent an invitation to visit their open house, this Saturday, Nov 4, 10am – 4 pm, 4171 Ave Esplanade. He writes “It would be good to see parishioners from the church visit us and see what we do here and maybe if possible make stronger ties with the unit’s church in future events.”

Hélène Montpetit has sent us a note about the Spire blog to let us know that the most recent post is a follow-up to the presentation about the Cathedral’s Social Justice outreach made by Jan Jorgensen, Ann Elbourne and Brenda Linn at Vanier College during their Social Sciences Festival You can find it here. You can also read previously published blog posts in this series. Please comment on the blog and think about interesting ideas or information which you can contribute to help publicise the fundraising for the spire now in full swing.

The bishop’s secretary, Maria Abate, reminds you to sign up for the Bishop’s Annual Dinner which will take place on Thursday, November 16th at the Atwater Club, 3505 avenue Atwater, Montreal. Every year this event raises funds for vital outreach. She writes “For those of you who have already signed up, we thank you! Please join us. Good food, good fun, silent auction items! Your table is waiting. Contact me, Maria, and I’ll be happy to register you and/or your group.   or by telephone at 514-843-6577 xt 235”

You will find more information about the dinner and other events around the diocese by following the link to the e-newsletter on the Montreal Anglican web site . The deadline for submissions to Nicki Hronjak’s next letter is Nov 13

Back to the cathedral: Keep these dates in mind

This Saturday, November 4, at 4:30 (and every Saturday) an Oasis Musicale Concert. This week the Montreal Civic Band will give a concert to commemorate Remembrance Day and Canada’s 150th anniversary

This Sunday, November 5, after the 10am service, the annual meeting of the Social Service Society.

November 8, and every Wednesday, Hungry Minds, supper, bible study and discussion for young adults

Nov 10, De Profundis, Music for Troubled Times, the annual concert raising money for our music programme. Your generous support means that our music is certainly not in the depths. Choir and organists seem to go from strength to strength. This will be Patrick’s last fund raising concert as our Director of Music. Let’s make it a very special occasion. There are posters and fliers at the back of the church.

Sunday November 12 after the 10am Eucharist, Amnesty letter writing. Sign a post card or write a letter to speak out against injustice

November 12 Pain, partage et prière, en français

November 18, Parish Supper, 6 pm in Fulford Hall. Book your ticket ($10) or volunteer to help by contacting Natasha Henderson

November 19, Christmas stir-up: cake-making in the Undercroft. Cost approx. $35 for the ingredients to make 3 to 4 cakes (recipe supplied). Bring your mixing bowls and utensils. Novices welcome. Sign up by Nov. 12th; contact Leah Trineer at

November 19, 7 pm, the Cathedral book group will discuss The Women in the Castle by Jennifer Shattuck – and probably a whole shelf-full of other books we want to recommend to each other. Talk to Ann, Jane or Diana

November 21, Cathedral Forum – join the discussion, hear what’s going on

Saturday December 2, Quiet Day, being organized by Vivian Lewin and Jen Bourque.

December 9, the Annual Sing-Along Messiah, bring your voice, a friend and, if possible, a score

We need your help. On Tuesday I took a call in the office which nearly broke my heart. Misty Sparks lives in Vancouver with her two small children. She is searching for her husband Shane Sparks who is an addict on the streets in Montreal. Apparently he has mentioned sleeping on the porch of a church on Ste Catherine, so she contacted us for help. She wants to get him into rehab. Shane has a very distinctive appearance as his whole head is covered in tattoos. I gave Misty some numbers to call and contacted a few people including the organisers of the Open Door. The vergers have a copy of one of the photographs which Misty sent me and I am attaching the same picture to this letter. She has given me permission to write about her in this letter, saying “His son in particular can’t wait to talk to him. I can’t thank you or the congregation enough! Thanks to all who go out of their way to show Christ’s love to him (& many others) suffering in the bonds of sin.”

If you see Shane, or know where he is, please contact the cathedral office, one of the clergy or one of the vergers. And please pray for this lost soul and for his family.

So this letter began with happy news and ended with a tragedy, but this is being a Christian – we rejoice with each other, we mourn together and we look out for our neighbour and try to help. We also pray for the sick, the troubled and those who have died.

From the first reading at the 8am service Sunday- “Who are these robed in white, and where have they come from? … These are they who have come out of a great ordeal….They will hunger no more and thirst no more…for the lamb at the centre of the throne will be their shepherd…and God will wipe away every tear from their eyes” Revelation 7

Ann Elbourne

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