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Newsletter, March 16, 2017

Dear Friend of the Cathedral

I’m sure we’re all looking forward to Easter. I’m looking forward as well to a beautiful day of calm reflection in the middle of Lent. Now is the time to sign up on   Here are the details:

HOLY LONGING: Quiet Day on Saturday, March 25.  Three members of Episkopé will provide talks on the theme “Holy Longing” with content in English and French.  Titles (or working titles in some cases) for these are: (1) Holy Longing to Encounter Jesus [Un désir saint et ardent rencontrer Jésus] (Jean-Jacques Goulet), (2) Holy Longing in Company With the Saints [Un désir saint et ardent en companie des saints](Donald Boisvert), and Holy Longing and Conversing with Our Creator [Un désir saint et ardent et la conversation avec notre créateur] (Jean Daniel Williams). Liturgies by Amy Hamilton; Arrangements by Vivian Lewin.

On a more practical level, you are invited to attend Forum on Tuesday, March 21. Please see the attached documents and if possible print them out and bring them with you. There will only be a few hard copies available at the meeting. The meeting starts at 6:30. Light refreshments are served from 6pm.

Elected members please send your regrets to the cathedral office.

A reminder that St George’s Place du Canada has invited members of the Cathedral to a sugaring off party on Saturday, April 8th, at the Sucrerie de la Montagne in Rigaud, leaving from St. George’s at 11am. Cost for dinner is $34.00 per person plus tax. Transportation is by carpooling. RSVP to Sylvia White – leave her a message at St. George’s Church 514-866-7113.

Another reminder about the LGBTQ+ Pot-luck at Jean-Jacques Goulet’s home on Sunday March 26th 2017 at 5pm. RSVP. Questions? See Jean-Jacques

There was good news this week from Catherine StArnaud, the coordinator of the Oasis concert series. The 200th person has just signed up to the Oasis mailing list, an impressive number of people interested in attending the concerts held Saturday at the cathedral and Sunday at St George’s. There will be music all afternoon in the cathedral this Saturday because, unusually, there will be two Oasis concerts. The first, at 2 pm will be presented by One Equall Musick directed by Rona Nadler. They will perform motets and lamentations by  Victoria, Creqcquillon and Byrd, highlighting the extraordinary beauty of Lenten renaissance music. The second, at the usual time of 4:30 will feature Russell de Voyst and Dan tremblay on trumpet, accompanied on piano by Thomas Davidson. Catherine writes, “You will hear the many facets of the trumpet in this ear-opening experience.”

For details about these and upcoming concerts visit

Sunday: Amnesty letter writing After the 10am Eucharist, write letters or sign postcards to speak out against injustice.

The Refugee Sponsorship Training Program (RSTP) is hosting a webinar which might be of interest to some of us, Demystifying Misconceptions about Refugees on Thursday April 06, 2017 at 5pm. This webinar will clarify some of the misconceptions about refugees, focusing on debunking common myths and examining the differences between refugees and migrants. The webinar will also provide information on the demographic of Syrian refugees that were sponsored and resettled to Canada in 2015/2016.

The webinar is designed for experienced sponsors across Canada, as well as sponsors new to the sponsorship process, and for individuals that are interested in learning more about refugees.

To register for this webinar, please visit the following link:

You can also call Emily Woods at 514 935 7799

Also please take a look at this attachment concerning refugee rights day.

With best wishes for safe driving in the snow and a warm house to greet you when you get home.

Ann Elbourne

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