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annunciation-beth-adams-2015Advent Sunday ushers in, for Christians, a time of growing anticipation. And while it might seem “godly” to eschew the commercial holiday madness, preparing a place for generosity … tokens of love for our near ones, and, yes, gifts far beyond ourselves too… is an honest part of this season.

The Church invites us to prepare our hearts as well as our hearths for God Among Us.

A good way to begin by gathering to usher in the season with the traditional Procession with Readings and Carols for Advent… here at the Cathedral at 4 pm on Sunday, November 27. You can find a description of the service music for Sunday afternoon here, and here is the plan for Sunday morning (with links to recordings of the music).

If you cannot attend the Sunday afternoon service in person, you can listen to it on Radio Ville Marie (for live streaming, click here).

The Archbishop of Canterbury invites Anglicans everywhere to join an online Bible Study here (it’s available free from November 27 to December 25 and will take about 45 minutes to complete).

The illustration is by Beth Adams from Annunciation.

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