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News of November 24th

Dear Friend of the Cathedral,
Paul and Jonathan are now safely in England followed by our blessings and thanks. Two beautiful services and receptions bade them farewell on Sunday. Several people gave always heartfelt and sometimes also very funny tributes. I’m collecting all the tributes made at both receptions, plus the service sheets and Paul’s sermon which will be put together in a portfolio – one copy will go to the archives, perhaps two will be available for browsing. By next week the tributes will be also in an electronic file and I’ll put a link in the newsletter. Meanwhile, for those of you who were not able to attend the evening reception, here’s a link to a memorable skit written by Tyson and acted by Ben Stuchbery  Lots of other great tributes will be in the portfolio.

We are lucky to have a strong ministry team in place. Donald Boisvert is our interim rector, Amy Hamilton is Assistant Curate and Jean-Jacques Goulet is the Assistant Curate in charge of pastoral care. Jean-Daniel Williams is the deacon in charge of children, youth and family ministries and Peter Huish is Honorary Assistant Deacon. Vivian Lewin, Diocesan spiritual director and member of Episkopé, is responsible for the Cathedral’s Facebook page. Catherine St-Arnaud is in charge of the Oasis Concert Series and Tyson Rǿsberg looks after concert rentals. Tania Lesack is the office administrator and parish communicator. Our new bookkeeper is Elizabeth Shama. Donna Riley, the People’s Warden, is the secretary of the Search Committee looking for a new Dean. Questions about the search should be addressed to her.

Time now to concentrate on Advent and the fast approaching Christmas season. You are all invited to celebrate the season at one of the most glorious services of the year, the Advent Carol Service, at 4 pm this Sunday. The service starts in darkness but light begins to fill the church as more and more candles are lit while the choir, servers and readers move around the church proclaiming the good news of Christ’s coming. Please follow the link to the spiritual practice for Advent posted by Vivian You will see at the end of her message that the Archbishop of Canterbury invites Anglicans everywhere to join an online Bible Study here (it’s available free from November 27 to December 25 and will take about 45 minutes to complete).
The cathedral is offering lots of Christmas music. On Saturday, 3rd December at 4:30pm you can enter into the spirit of the season in a concert titled Music for the season. Sing along to a selection of carols joining special guests Elizabeth Ekholm, mezzo-soprano, Olivia Musat, piano, Les flûtistes de Montréal, and Patrick Wedd, organ. Music by Handel, Reger and Liszt. For information about all Oasis Musicale concerts visit

Then there is the annual Sing Along Messiah, 10th December 4:30pm. Add your voice to many other community singers, with musicians and professional soloists, all under the direction of the marvellous Patrick Wedd. Bring a score if you can – a limited number will be available, but we usually run out – and come early. There was a big crowd last year.

The Cathedral Reading Group will meet on December 11 at 7pm to celebrate the season with eggnog, a movie, and a discussion of The Course of Love by Alain de Botton. No singing! All are welcome. Speak to Jane or Diana.

Janet King has shared her plans for this year’s Christmas crèche to be set up on the platform in front of the nave altar. Starting on Advent Sunday, the scene will change week by week. Week 1 you will see a stable, hill, chickens, some sheep and a donkey. In Week 2 more animals, a shepherd and boy will appear. Week 3 will show Mary and Joseph en route. No prizes for predicting the end of the story! Some of the figures you see will be quite old and so a precious piece of the cathedral’s history as well as a reminder of the Christmas story.

It won’t be Advent and Christmas all the time at the cathedral. Among other events :
END OF THE MONTH LUNCH at noon in Fulford Hall. Volunteers are always welcome to help serve a hot lunch to people in need. This month’s lunch is offered by Lower Canada College.

PAIN, PARTAGE ET PRIÈRE, the French Bible study and prayer group, will meet at 2pm in the Hollis Lounge.

HUNGRY MINDS: Bible study and supper for students and young adults every Wednesday from 6-9 pm. in the Undercroft

LUNCH ‘N CHAT on December 5 at noon in the Bishop Hollis Lounge. Anyone who is free at that time of day is welcome. Please bring some food to share. The theme this month is expectations while waiting. Please confirm attendance to the office.

December 11th, the cathedral will join Amnesty supporters worldwide in the Write for Rights campaign. Brenda writes “During the year, many of you have signed petitions on behalf of prisoners of conscience, murdered or missing indigenous women, and other women, men and children whose unjust suffering has come to the attention of Amnesty International. This support is very much appreciated – there is no doubt that the spotlight that Amnesty shines on these cases urges governments to action, and gives hope and heart to those who often feel the world has forgotten them.”

December 4, SJAG (Social Justice Action Group) will hold its usual first Sunday in the month meeting during coffee hour.

December 13 Forum will meet, a week earlier than usual.

PLEASE CONSIDER SPONSORING FLOWERS to beautify the Cathedral in thanksgiving, in memory of a loved one, or for the joy of offering flowers to the glory of God! The cost of the flowers is approximately $60.00. Sponsors needed for Sundays in Advent and the Christmas season .

Two messages from Donald:
If you would like to be confirmed or received as an Anglican at the Easter Vigil next spring, please speak with Donald as soon as possible.
Si vous désirez être reçu/e ou confirmé/e comme anglican/e lors de la Vigile Pascale du printemps prochain, s.v.p. parlez-en à Donald le plus tôt possible.
We will continue discussing Bill Countryman’s book, Living on the Border of the Holy: Renewing the Priesthood of All December 12th (Chapters 5-8) at 7 to 9pm in Fulford Hall. Those interested in taking part should order and read the book and speak to Donald to confirm their interest, .

In conclusion, let’s pray for a special blessing for all the students at school, CEGEP and University writing term papers and taking exams, that they not become overwhelmed by stress.

Ann Elbourne

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