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News of 20th October

Dear Friend of the Cathedral

Forty-three people attended the Special General Vestry convened by Bishop Mary in the cathedral on Tuesday evening. The bishop and the people’s warden, Donna Riley, both spoke about the process of finding a new dean and the expectations of the community. The slate of nine members proposed by Corporation was then approved and immediately began their work. The list of members with their biographies was circulated in a letter to the congregation last week (Oct 14). I will reattach the biographies. We will pray for these nine people that the Spirit will inspire them to find the right person to take on the challenging job of leading the cathedral community. We also pray for Donald, Amy, Jean-Jacques and all the members of the ministry teams who will be guiding us after Paul leaves on November 20. Transitions are always hard, but we are a strong community with a firm belief in God’s loving care guiding us into the future.

Paul and Jonathan have been inspirational leaders who challenged us to make changes and follow Christ’s will in all things. If you would like to make a donation to a farewell gift, please put an envelope marked “Paul and Jonathan’s Farewell” in the plate on Sunday, or mail it to the Cathedral Office, marked “attention Tania.” No donation will be refused, but please try to get it to the office by November 10.

There will be two chances to say goodbye on Sunday November 20: a reception featuring Peggy’s delicious cakes after the 10 am service, and a farewell diocesan evensong at 4 pm the same day to be followed by a reception in Fulford Hall.

The rest of October and November will be busy months. Please make a note of the following events.

  1. L’Oasis Musicale, Saturday, October 22 at 4:30pm, presents Folie et Fantaisie – an eclectic combination of classic and modern woodwind trio repertoire. Nadia Sparrow, flute, Luc Jackman, clarinette, and Rich Coburn, piano, present works by Debussy, Sant-Saens, Manookian, Lamb, and Webster. For details of all Oasis Musicale concerts visit http ://
  2. More music – Jonathan Bailey and Hannah Brockow, the musicians who perform as Duo Rêverie,  invite you to a very special event, their final concert before Jonathan returns to England. It will take place Friday October 28th, at 6pm in the Cathedral. They have recently recorded a CD entitled Einini which you will receive, along with some delicious home-made baked goods and coffee, for the entrance price of $20. In this way, you will keep their music with you forever!

  3. The concert will finish in time for audience members to attend a Public Lecture: The Scriptures in the Church. Despite Jesus’ admonition to his disciples to love one another, the Bible today often serves as a source of disunity. Reverend Bill Countryman will explore the historical origins of this situation and suggest a future more life-giving course. Friday, October 28, 7pm in Fulford Hall. Sponsored by the Montreal Diocesan Theological College.
  4. This will be the first session in a series THE PRIESTHOOD OF ALL: A three-part conversation with Bill Countryman. Donald writes that in this time of transition, it is good for us as a community to reflect on the meaning of priesthood.  This three-part engagement with the work of Bill Countryman will begin with his public lecture on October 28th (see item 3).  We will then gather for two sessions (once in each of November and December; dates to be determined by the participants) to discuss his book, Living on the Border of the Holy: Renewing the Priesthood of All.  Those interested in participating should order the bookand speak with Donald to confirm their interest, or write to .
  5. Hungry Minds:Supper and Bible Study for students and young adults meets Wednesdays at 6 pm in the undercroft. On Saturday October 22 at 6pm there will be a supper and bilingual communion service for young adults in Fulford Hall. For more information talk to Rev’d Jean-Daniel ().
  6. Probably for the slightly older of us – Lunch ‘n Chat will gather at noon  in the Bishop Hollis Lounge on the first Tuesday of  November, November 1: theme Remembrance : all welcome, potluck lunch.
  7. The Social Justice Action Group (SJAG) holds a special event on the first Sunday of every month. The November event, on November 6, will be a “blanket exercise” facilitated by Sara Anderson from KAIROS. The session will begin with a light lunch in Fulford Hall after the Remembrance Day service attended by the Grenadier Guards. A blanket exercise is designed to teach us what it is like to be displaced from home. Here the group will focus on the displacement of aboriginal people by the settlers.
  8. Yet more music– If music be the food of love…A celebration of the life of Shakespeare in music, dance and dramaI’ve seen the programme and am eagerly anticipating a magic evening with a variety of exciting performances from musicians in our own community and from guest actors Christophe Moore and Gabrielle Soskin: Friday November 11th, at 7:30 pm at the cathedral. Tickets: $30 for adults, $25 for seniors, and $15 for students. All are welcome to the post-concert wine and cheese reception. The proceeds of this annual fundraising concert go to support the Cathedral’s music ministry. The music committee is appealing to you to buy tickets, bring your friends or, if you can’t come, make a small donation. For more information, call: 514 843 6577, local 140.
  9. The Bishops Dinner at the Atwater Club on Thursday, November 17th. This is a fundraising event to support the physical missions of the diocese which include Action Réfugiés, Mile End Mission and Tyndale St. George’s Community Centre. It includes a silent auction and Nicki Hronjak, programme officer for the diocese would like to hear from you if you have an item you want to donate.  If you would like to reserve a seat for the dinner, please contact Maria Abate at 

If you are curious about what’s going on in the diocese you might like to follow this link to the Montreal Anglican website. Scroll down the list on the right hand side and click on “e newsletter”. You can then sign up to get the weekly letter put together by Nicki Hronjak. One item concerns Hurricane Matthew  how you can help . Click this link for the PWRDF response to the desperate need for relief.

A request from Rob. He needs someone to sponsor flowers for October 30 – Is there anyone special you would like to remember this weekend of All Souls?

And finally, help! Help! Help! Nuit blanche is creeping up on us once again and the organizers are asking us for our plans re participation. We have some ideas simmering, but I need a small group to flesh out details of a programme which we can send to the head office. We have to do this next week, even though the actual event is not until early March. Gulp. Please contact me via the cathedral office. A glass or two of wine works wonders for the creative juices…

Wishing you all a quiet space amidst this whirl of activity.

Ann Elbourne


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