Message from the Dean

Dear friends at the Cathedral

Yesterday during the notices I announced that later this year Jonathan and I will be leaving Montreal and returning to the UK.  I have been offered and have accepted the post of associate priest at St Andrew’s, Leytonstone in North East Central London. As some of you know my father died in March this year.  My younger brother had been living with my father, and after some serious family discussions with my sister and with my brother about what is best for all of us, we decided that it would be best if Jonathan and I return to the UK and if my brother move into the vicarage to live with us. On another personal note it will of course be good to be near my own children who live in Oxford and Brighton and Jonathan’s family who live in Suffolk. Our last Sunday will be November 20th, when there will be a Cathedral farewell after the 10am service and a Diocesan farewell at the 4pm evensong.

Jonathan and I have been here for almost 6 years and have had a truly marvelous time both at the Cathedral and in Montreal.  We have shared and learned together, given and received, grown and changed.  You have helped us and journeyed with us as we have helped you and journeyed with you.  The Cathedral is a remarkable community filled with wonderful people and I am pleased to see that it is in good heart, good health and good hands as it moves into future.  The future will be challenging, – I think the future always is.

With Bishop Mary’s approval the Corporation has invited the revd Dr Donald Boisvert to serve as interim rector of the Cathedral, which he has accepted to do on a part-time basis.  I am confident that under Donald’s leadership and with the strong and effective teams which are currently in place to support him you will be able to take forward the Cathedral’s plans for ministry, outreach, the search for a new dean and of course the appeal.  The Cathedral is, and will always be, an exciting place to be and there is a sense that all of us – clergy and congregations alike – are just temporary runners in God’s long-term relay race.  Bishop Mary is taking an active and supportive interest in this process and the wardens will let you know more about the search process in the next few weeks.

Please pray for Jonathan and for me, for the wardens and for the Cathedral, and also for the parish of St Andrew’s.   And be assured when the time comes for us to move, you will all be welcome to visit us in the new vicarage.

with love,



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    Mary Barber says:

    Lovely letter Paul. Moving on is never easy. Look forward to seeing both you and Johno very soonxxx

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    M. Kay Dila says:

    Dear Paul and Jonathan;

    I am reading your long/full missive just now
    morningtime here in Victoria, BC
    with at least two kinds of heart/head reactions;
       I understand your decision to return to England
       to be near and with family who miss you
       and in many ways need you
       not to mention the new opportunity to grow
       with another parish there in NE Central London.

       I also understand that our Montreal Cathedral life
       will miss you both and all the challenges, teachings
       and experiences you have brought to us with humility,
       energy and inspiration.  Parish life has been energized
       in many new directions with impacts felt throughout 
       the city and diocese.
    To say ‘Thankyou’ is rather lame.
    To say ‘We’ll miss you’ is the obvious.
    To say ‘Go with our blessing and love’ is our response.
    To say ‘Happy Landing’ is our prayer.
    To say ‘Stay in touch’ is our invitation/request.

    I have enjoyed you from afar…………
    I have watched my friends there enjoy you up close………..
    Together we appreciate you and pray God’s richest blessings
    for you, Paul and Jonathan, as you take your place in/at StAndrew’s.

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    John and karen Bradley says:

    Of course we are heartbroken as you have both had a special role in our lives. We look forward to keeping in touch.
    Our thoughts and prayers go with you and may our paths cross again in the not so distant future. Hoping St.Andrews will be posting your sermons for our inspiration. Affectionately, k&J

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    Jan Jorgensen says:

    Paul and Jonathan,
    Thank you for your ministries with and among us. Yes, it is true about the relay teams – we are all in service to a mysterious and gracious God who calls us to move on even if we are not quite prepared to do so (speaking from my perspective). We shall miss you (I can speak in terms of “we” because there has been time to talk to others.)
    I shall miss you and will most certainly hold you and the cathedral / parish ministries in my prayers.
    God bless you.
    With love and gratitude,

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    Lizette Larson-Miller says:

    Oh my! I was just singing your praises yesterday to someone who was thinking of moving back to Montreal. In light of conversations last year, I’m not overly surprised, but still, it was nice thinking of you being somewhat close by. I wish you and Jonathan all the best, and hope St. Andrew’s is the perfect place for you!

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    Darren McFarland says:

    Just seen your news reposted by Lizette. As the current Vicar of St Andrew’s Headington I want to wish you well for your next St Andrew’s! I hope you might come and see us sometime in Headington? Darren

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