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What pulls you out of yourself?

“God is love, and those who abide in love abide in God, and God abides in them.” (I John 4:6b)

GUARDIAN Piano-playing-007In this article from the Guardian, John Rusberger, an editor who is an irregular church goer, tells Mark Vernon how he regularly plays the piano. This leads Vernon to ponder music as a spiritual practice. “To be good at something doesn’t just take time. It takes commitment, and that, in turn, must originate in your love of it. Similarly, to know something well, necessitates loving it first – so that you have the motivation to take the time to get to know it well.”

What form of prayer or other practice pulls you out of yourself regularly? Are you surprised to think of it as devotion?

If music is a delight for you, every week two Oasis Musicale concerts showcase devoted music-makers. And so do the three sung Sunday services at Christ Church Cathedral… 10:00 Holy Eucharist, 12:45 Eucharistie (en français), and 4:00 pm Sung Evensong. Come enjoy!  Viens nous voir!

Southend Choir July 2015This week, exceptionally, the young singers from the Southend Choirs are visiting from London England. As part of the Choir’s Canadian tour, they will perform twice: A concert (no charge/voluntary donation) of sacred and secular music on Saturday at 4:30, and again at the 10:00 Holy Eucharist on Sunday.

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