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Radishes in the Community Garden

Come and see !

community gardenThe Cathedral community vegetable garden is an intentional way of addressing food security locally while reminding us of the struggle so many face daily around the world. One of the groups facing the biggest struggle with food security are the homeless, a community of whom dwell on the Cathedral lawn.This is the first project of its kind in Montreal aimed at building bridges and partnering with the homeless through a community vegetable gardening!
PWRDF has spent the last 3 years focusing its various fundraising and educational activities on issues surrounding food security. While to many this seems to be largely an issue our southern neighbours face, we are increasingly becoming aware that it is also a local issue as food prices begin to rise. On average, 16% of those 12 years and older face issues of food security in Montreal. In the west end of the city, 25% of the population does not have access to fresh produce within walking distance (otherwise known as a food desert), while in the east end this can increase to 40%

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