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Oasis Musicale concerts top the charts!

Looking through the La Scena magazine concert listings, (the ‘go-to’ website and magazine for cultural events in and around Montreal), of the 37 concerts in Montreal from July through to the first week of September 27 of these concerts are L’Oasis Musicale concerts either at the cathedral (=20) or now (hooray!!) at St Georges (=7), and a further 2 are rental concerts in the cathedral! Bravo!   Visit http ://

L’OASIS MUSICALE : Enjoy a concert every Wednesday evening and Saturday afternoon in the magnificent setting of Christ Church Cathedral. Freewill offering.

WEDNESDAY JUNE 22, AT 6:30PM A Midsummer Night’s Dream. A bewitching concert combining fairy opera arias, and sublime French melodies and German Lieder. Catherine St Arnaud, soprano, and Romain Pollet, piano.

SATURDAY, JUNE 25AT4:30PM Calm and Civil Unrest. In this recital, compositions from contrasting ends of the musical and political spectrum are presented and explored in greater detail. Featuring the piano works of Beethoven, Chopin, Janáček and Albeniz. Ronée Boyce, piano.

L’OASIS MUSICALE AT ST GEORGE’S PLACE DU CANADA You can also enjoy a concert every Sunday at 2pm at St George’s Place du Canada.

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