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Pray for the Anglican Consultative Council meeting (April 8 to 16)

“Discipleship can never be about a single aspect of our lives; it is by definition about the whole of our life…It will place demands upon ourselves, on family relationships, the way we handle money, our attitude toward work and leisure, our political choices, our exploitation or care of the environment.” This quote is from the documents prepared as background for the 16th meeting of the Anglican Consultative Council, which begins today in Lukasa, Zambia.

The local launch of the 16th meeting of the Anglican Consultative Council took place Nov. 29 in Lusaka Cathedral and gathered representatives from all the dioceses in the Province of Central Africa (Botswana, Malawi, Zimbabwe and Zambia). The meeting begins April 8 and runs until April 19. Photo: Anglican Communion Office.Here is the prayer suggested for daily use during this week by Fred Hiltz, Primate of Canada:

“Draw your Church together, O Lord, into one great company of disciples, together following our Lord Jesus Christ into every walk of life, together serving him in his mission to the world, and together witnessing to his love on every continent and island. We ask this in his name and for his sake. Amen”

See the Primate’s full essay about this in the Anglican journal:

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