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Coming Together For Refugees

Photo: 2C1520F800000578-3227703-image-a-4_1441809348686On a beach in Morocco, people take up the posture of little Aylan Kurdi, whose whose death sounded a wake-up call to the world,

How are you responding personally to the refugee crisis? By endorsing  the recommendations of Canadian organizations that work with refugees, about how to ramp up our efforts on behalf of Syrians in particular? By meditating on the [caution: this is disturbing] image of Aylan Kurdi and praying for all those who are affected? By donating to an organization that helps refugees? (Such as PWRDF, Action Refugies Montreal, etc)

Parishes in our Diocese of Montreal are asking how they will act, together and individually.  Action Refugies Montreal has a list of hundreds of families from a number of countries who are already cleared to come to Canada and waiting for sponsors. The Cathedral’s own refugee committee has been working through the summer and will soon convene an open meeting soon of those who are interested and wish to help. If you do wish to play a part, please come to that meeting and be aware that we will need cash donations to our own refugee fund.  If we choose to support a household of Syrian refugees, donations towards our project (up untiil December 31) could trigger an equal donation from the Government towards Syrian relief as well.




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