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The ending is only the beginning

Lee Greyfeather_preachingThe Truth and Reconciliation Commission has issued its report.  The #22days campaign, marking the Anglican Church of Canada’s reception of that report and its commitment to the ongoing work of reconciliation, has come to an end.  But, as the campaign says, this ending is only the beginning.  We are all called to continue learning, continue listening, continue praying, continue working.

As one small part of this work, the Cathedral will post articles and reflections from members of our diocese who have experience with the Commission and with First Nations communities.  The first is in the form of a sermon, preached by Lee Greyfeather in the Cathedral on June 7th, 2015.

Lee is a Mi’kmaq of the Bear clan and is an active member of the Anglican Diocese of Montreal.  He is also a shaman, having completed 32 years of study and training amongst his people.

Listen to and/or read Lee’s sermon here.


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