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The End Is the Beginning [spiritual practice]

Monet-Mer_agitée_à_Etretat-MBA-Lyon DETAILIn last week’s sermon, “Do You Not Care That We Are Perishing?” [Mark 4:38] Jean-Daniel Williams described Jesus’ shift from a so-necessary nap to loving action.

The examples he chose… the storms that are shaking our little boat right now… include the killings in Charleston SC, and our churches’ promise to continue the work of Truth & Reconciliation in specific ways as we affirm, “the end is the beginning.”

The world is always stormy. Every member of Christ has a part to play in speaking, and building, peace. Yet the task seems gigantic.  What is my part? What is your part?

This radio interview with Sister Simone Campbell who is both a contemplative and an activist sheds light on how to discern that part.

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